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Phone call from my mother


Talking about clothes, just had a phonecall from my mother. She was ringing for information. She said that she wanted to let me know that when she came to see The Venus Papers, in Derby, she wanted to wear her long maxis dress with the blues and greens, from Marks and Spencers with the sliver pumps that she’d removed the bows from because they’d looked tacky. She wanted to know whether The Assembly Rooms was a proper theatre. She said if it wasn’t a proper theatre she would just wear her cardigan.

I told her it was a proper theatre.

She was much reassured.

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  1. lynne langton permalink
    05/14/2011 9:05 pm

    the kings new clothes all that you look great and he was naked but because of his postion and vein streak he presented himself to his people naked yet he thought and believed he was wearing the finest clothes how we see are fooled by others our own socially constructed images from the likes of m and s a cardigan a dress to go to a place needing reassurance it is a real place a real theater to dress for this venus in he world through a lady shave to make hairy legs smooth to be sung about in eighties pop groups has a history and a place in time before our media driven world back to euro for my sins and a s the song goes
    and venus was her name ………………………………..

  2. 05/22/2011 6:07 pm

    But my mum IS lovely 🙂 x

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