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Shells to Speakers


Where do the weeks go? It’s been two since my last post so here’s an update on everything. Not everything, of course, though I did have a very nice takeaway last night.

Venus Things:

Lovely BBC Radio Leicester interviewed me about the book and launch. I spoke to a nice man called Ady Dayman while little Ruby Rose went for a wheel around town with Scott. Afterwards we went to the Registry office to make her many names official – I forgot to mention this on air – though I did give a run down on her outfit and sleeping habits. See here and listen from 36.1 for the whole happy-making thing.

The Leicester Mercury did a feature on the front page of their women’s section – see here. 

Media aside we’ve had confirmation on several other very exciting things. Thing one, our launch event will be in partnership with the Centre for New Writing (University of Leicester) with Dr Jonathan Taylor giving an introduction to the book. We’ll also be in partnership with Renaissance One, with Melanie Abrahams coming up from London to compere.

Finally, it seems our 4ft clam shell will (afterall) go to the ball (Attenborough Arts Centre). It looked like being far too large and cumbersome to get down there, but then we remembered the 25 massive canvases we’ll be taking and the large removal van they’ll be going in and suddenly – less of a problem. Who doesn’t love a 4ft clam shell at a party (rhetorical question, do not send answers on postcards).

See below for info on Jonathan Taylor and Renaissance One. Clam shell selfies (sel-fies not shell-fish) to follow.


Jonathan Taylor is an author, critic and lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Leicester. His books include the novels Melissa (Salt, 2015) and Entertaining Strangers (Salt, 2012), and the poetry collection Musicolepsy (Shoestring Press, 2013). His website is


Renaissance One is an organisation that produces and curates poetry and fiction events, spoken word, festivals and tours. Independently funded and convivial in ethos, it champions writing and speaking through wide-ranging activities. This year it has created projects with over twenty writers including Caryl Phillips, Jean ‘Binta’ Breeze, Andrew ‘Mulletproof’ Graves, Michael Brome, Aly Stoneman and Patience Agbabi. Its founder, Melanie Abrahams, is an experienced curator, public speaker and producer.

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