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Venus on Tour: 2016/17



VP Cover 2015 Burning Eye

Lydia Towsey
The Venus Papers
Available for readings & workshops 2016/17

What if Venus, the Roman Goddess of love and beauty, were to wash up in the 21st century?

‘The Venus Papers’ (Burning Eye Books, Sept 2015) relocates Botticelli’s Roman Goddess to a UK beach, now; how would she respond to what she’d find – and what would she do next?

In the collection’s connecting poems, Venus’s progression from innocence to experience is mirrored across numerous journeys and landscapes; from a dancing mother to a psychopathic Barbie, murderous mozzarella and road trip across the Spanish Badlands.

By viewing Venus as everywoman, outsider, traveller and immigrant ‘The Venus Papers’ explores how women in particular are viewed and affected by cultural, political pressures in contemporary Britain and beyond.

Performances are available in various formats, from writer solo to fully staged, with music, visuals, 6ft shells, etc. See here for pictures from the book launch and drop us a line for full details and/or to discuss requirements.




“Lydia tackles deeply important political subjects, but in ways which are original, poetic, fascinating – defamiliarising what the media inures us to.” Jonathan Taylor, novelist

“One of the new intriguing voices of her time.” Jean Binta Breeze MBE

“She manages to locate the story in a contemporary setting and it speaks to a modern audience. I applaud the achievement.” Mahandra Solanki, poet.

“An accomplished collection that exposes slices of our world and others from tender and surprising angles. Really is good to delve into and come back trailing seaweed and with  widened eyes” Shamshad Khan, poet

“Eloquent, witty, rhythmically tight…these poems are wry yet also compassionate, curious… there’s an impressive control here.” David Belbin, novelist.

“This is a clever re-imagining for our times as Venus experiences almost the full gamut of contemporary Britain as a new arrival: an interview with a Customs Officer, her treatment in the tabloids, shopping at Primark, diets, education. And she needs a job … I felt warm sun, lapping waves. Magic.” Sally Jack, Sabotage Reviews. 

“In picking poems to read at her launch, Lydia was spoilt for choice.” – Emma Lee, Poet.


On the Road (so far)


“I read Lydia’s Venus papers from cover to cover – brilliant. Thank you.
She says so many things I’d like to say only better.” – Penny, Shrewsbury

“The Venus Papers was one of my favourite Birthday gifts!” – Hollie Waters, Cheshire.

“Just arrived home from the Lydia Towsey book launch ‘The Venus Papers’ and paintings by Scott Bridgwood. What a great event ! Lydia recited some passages from her book with such ease and attention to detail with her voice and mannerisms, accompanied by haunting live music. She was both poignant and witty . Scott’s paintings are simply wonderful.” – Louise Ellerington, Leicester.




For more information: Lydia Towsey: /

Producer/Bookings: renaissance one inspiring literature – writers, events and tours +44 (0) 2072728386

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