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Venus Recalls

I was the first:
the woman –
even before Eve,
the first painted life-size,
eye for an eye,
knee for knee.

He painted me the seasons –
gave me his best,
body a pearl,
hair like a dress.

My legs were so much longer
than they ever were at sea.
My lips were so much redder
in the picture he could see.

He painted me like Twiggy
but paler than a page;
if my skin had been that ashen
we’d have been in a grave.

He made me like Athena,
head above the world,
neck like a swan,
features turned.

Snake-hipped vixen
impossibly shelled;
boy meets girl.

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  1. 01/17/2012 4:18 pm

    No catharsis,
    no ex-machina deus,
    I am angry no more,
    I vanished my fears,
    I prevailed in front of flesh temptations,
    I defeated power’s power,
    I became smaller,
    I became invisible,
    I have seen my soul,
    I can see how clear it is,
    I loved me,
    not vainly vain anymore,
    yes can you hear me crying?
    Vanity I squeezed to its sublimation,
    I am free!
    I am free to feel now,
    and when you feel you become real,
    and only a real person can love another,
    and when you love,
    you fear no death,
    no more philosophies,
    no more no deeds because you’ll die anyway,
    but do things because you know there isn’t too much time,
    and love more even after death,
    that is what makes the difference,
    better just a moment of real love,
    than living through eternity without ‘Her’.

  2. the ghost of G 06 permalink
    07/19/2012 9:49 am

    I like it! Hope all goes well in Brazil – mail me at candi!

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